Colorado Travels: Greeley Stampede

Carnival food is always so expensive and not always worth it. Therefore, Hayley and I decided to start out our night at Panda Express. Best friend talks are always the best especially with some Chinese food to go along with it. Mmm it doesn’t get much better than orange chicken.

We arrived to the Stampede around seven. Parking prices are through the roof but the entry fee was only $5. We started the night by walking around to see what we wanted to do. They brought in some new rides this year but they also did  away with many of them. We walked around the whole place to discover there was no monkey this year. Repeat: NO MONKEY! What the heck is up with that?


We went and bought ride tickets for a dollar a ticket. The Cliff Hanger was the first ride of the night. Flying high over the carnival is always a thrilling experience. It went higher up then I remember! Our stomachs are a bit weaker then they used to be when we were 15.

Of course, we had to take some fun Boomerangs! The Cliff Hanger and the Super Shot were fun Boomerangs to take.

Hayley always has to get a jumbo corn dog when we go. (I don’t like corn dogs) People probably looked at us like we were crazy when we took these pictures, but who cares as long as you are having fun.


We are always the oldest people on most rides. This year we got told we could only sit on certain animals on the Carousel. I mean horses are cool but I wanted to sit on the giraffe. Even worse than that, Hayley and I were separated on the ride. I could not understand the ride operator to save my life. Coffee?

Then we chowed down on some ribbon fries and said hello to some people we know. Why are ribbon fries only carnival food? We strolled through the shops and a man stopped us and shoved a hot pack in my hand. Hello its summer and I don’t need to be any warmer than I am.

Waiting to get on the Ferris Wheel until it is completely dark is always the best. The line moved much quicker than we anticipated. While we waited, we of course had to get our basic selfies. The first time you start moving is a wave of excitement and just a slight amount of fear. As soon as I could see the entire carnival, I was in awe like I am every time I make it to the top. The view from above is always the best. Even if that means being many feet off the ground.

We then made our way through a free fun house and I almost lost my pursue while going down the slide. Two tickets left and we had no clue what to do. So we hopped on a slime version of the teacups even though the ride operator looked as like we were mental.

Five dollars for a small, guaranteed stuffed animal is expensive but it is more about the memories. She got a doughnut and I picked a rainbow colored penguin.


Just because there were downs, doesn’t mean I didn’t have a blast with my best friend. This has been our tradition for the past four years and nothing can stop us.

Comment below what your summer tradition is?



Movie Night with Your Best Friend

Summer is a busy time for everyone. It is hard to find time to make plans with your best friend. But for my best friend and I, a movie night was in order.

I bought the snacks and drinks. She bought the wings and fries. How can it get any better? We piled up our snacks and looked at all the glory. We set out on a mission to devour our wings and fries along with the yummy ranch. As we ate, we started out with a tale as old as time: Beauty and the Beast.



We giggled about the animation and how bad it used to be. We joked around and had great best friend conversations.

BREAKING NEWS: Moana is now on Netflix. It was my first time watching it and I absolutely adored it. Disney animation has definitely improved! I love the meaning behind it. If a girl sets her mind to something, she can accomplish it even though there will be challenges. I would highly recommend any one to watch it if they haven’t seen it yet.

If you have never heard of Totoro, then you are missing out. We watched My Neighbor, Totoro and it is one of the cutest movies I’ve ever seen. Japan makes their movies right. Another movie that needs to be added to your to watch list!

Then we skipped through parts of Gremlins just so we could see cute, little Gizmo. He is just so stinking adorable! We chowed down on our yummy treats throughout the night. And then we ended the night by watching The Emperor’s New Groove but, sadly we both fell asleep.

Spending time with your best friend doesn’t have to be expensive. A few snacks a movie or two from home is way better than paying a million dollars to see a movie at the theater. You can talk and giggle as loud as you want. Plus, the candy isn’t $4 a box.

I went to the Dollar Tree and was able to buy our snacks and drinks for the night. This is perfect if you have other expenses that you need to pay for. She splurged on wings and fries from Wing Shack but mmm was it worth it!

Decide what you want to do and it can be something as simple as a picnic in the back yard or park!

Comment below your summer ideas to do with your best friend.

New Happy Planner

DSCN0850I recently bought the 2017-2018 CLASSIC Happy Planner®  in Modern Marble.  I have just planned my first week in the new planner. I have chosen to do a theme each week.

This week’s theme is an orange and light blue scheme. It felt very summery to me and that is exactly what I am going for. The Happy Planner is all about being creative and staying organized. That is what I intend to do when using the planner.

I have jotted down the word “pic” in pencil but, it is hard to see. I am leaving space for a picture after the day happens so I can look back on it with what is called memory planning. Make a quick Pinterest search to see some ideas.DSCN0877.JPG

From Left to Right: Everyday Reminder Stickers Teacher Edition Sticker SheetsStudent Edition Sticker SheetsSchool/College Planner StickersLife Quotes Stickers , Washi Sticker Pack  and Organize It Removable Calendar Stickers

To go along with my new planner, I had to buy some stickers. Of course! Who doesn’t love stickers? These add beauty to my week. They also help me stay on track with what I need to get done because they draw my attention.

While shopping at Michael’s I also found this cute stamp set that will keep me right on track. I found it in their dollar bin.


I absolutely love using Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens in my planner. They are the perfect size and they come in any color that you can imagine. You can pick some up at pretty much any store that sells office supplies. I keep mine stored in a large mason jar.

Washi Tape is a very big trend with planners. I currently only have two rolls but I love them both.


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