Michael’s and Hobby Lobby Haul

It is honestly like a drug to me. Crafting is something that I just can’t stay away from. Recently I fed my addiction by making a stop into Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Both of them felt like home the minute I walked through the door.

My first stop was at Michael’s. I of course picked up some planner supplies because, well, how could I not. DSCN0890

I picked up a new stamp that is a simple to do list. It was a steal at only two dollars.DSCN0897

I always use my 40% off one full price item on new Mambi sticker books so I get them for $11.99. Always look at Michael’s coupons and advertisements before heading to the store. DSCN0903

I also picked up a tube of washi that was on sale. I spent less than five dollars on it.


My next stop was Hobby Lobby and my oh my did I find some deals.


I picked up another Mambi sticker pack, because as you can see, I just can’t resist them.dscn0917.jpg

I also found paper clips in the clearance which only came out to be 80 cents. I thought that was a huge steal since they were originally $3.99.dscn0911.jpg

I then picked up a new black stamp pad to go with my to do list stamp.dscn0923.jpg

A new necklace was needed so I picked up the pieces to make my own. I grabbed a chain, my birth stone and a couple other gems.

This is the final product and I absolutely adore the way that it turned out.


Comment down below what you get when you go into these stores. Check out my Pinterest and Instagram for more ideas!


Colorado Travels: Union Lake

Every 4th of July weekend, my family and I take a trip somewhere. This year we went to Union Lake in Longmont. We went two years before and enjoyed it so much we decided to go back. My neighbors came along with us as well as their parents. Our neighbors’ daughter and grandson made the trip as well. My boyfriend also joined us for the adventure.0701170655

Union is a nice and family friendly lake. They have paddle board rentals which is very nice. Our neighbors have two of their own so we just used theirs. The lake also has a sectioned off swim area. Furry friends also have a spot of their own with a nice dog beach. The only downfall is that there is no electricity, therefore noisy generators must be used.


My boyfriend and I arrived on Friday afternoon. The night was spent talking and laughing around the fire.


I was up by 6 o’clock the next morning. My boyfriend and I took a walk along the lake and watched the sun rise. There are always hot air balloons around Longmont, so we were able to watch those. Saturday was a warm day and a perfect time to paddle board. My neighbor’s daughter and I took out the paddle boards and paddled down by the swim beach and then back.

I finally convinced my boyfriend to hop on the paddle board with me. We just messed around and were having tons of fun. My grandparents also came out for the day. We had a nice lunch and everyone sat around talking. For dessert, we had angel food cake in a mason jar that my neighbor made for us.

When my grandparents left, a few of us headed down to the swim beach with floaties in hand. The water was pretty warm and floating around was so relaxing. There were many people but there was still plenty of room for everyone to do their own thing. The night was another spent around the fire talking.


When I walked out of the camper on Sunday morning, there was a hot air balloon right outside the door. We sat and watched it for a while until it was too far behind the trees to see. My parents, boyfriend and I enjoyed a small breakfast. Then, my boyfriend and I headed home because his brother was getting married. How exciting!


Comment below where you have traveled to already this summer.