Hobby Lobby Haul

So I headed back to Hobby Lobby, which I am sure doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you. This time I bought a bunch of items to go along with my Happy Planner. Yes, I am obsessed.

The first thing that I picked up was a pack of date stickers. I can use these to add to my planner. I can also use them when I scrapbook and I got them for half price.


I then picked up a pack of Mambi stickers that have a travel theme. I am going to Mexico in December so I thought these would be perfect. I can not wait  to create a travel scrapbook with these stickers. So cute!


I always see how happy people are when they memory plan. I don’t want to buy another planner for it so I decided to pick up some accessories for my current planner. I grabbed a pack of page protectors with 12 in it. I plan to insert these in my planner whenever I have a big occasion happen that I want to remember.

To go along with the page protectors I also picked up Pocket Pages Themed cards. It comes with 72 adorable decorative cards to go along with my pictures.

I have been eyeing these dividers for a while and I finally just couldn’t resist. I mean look at how adorable that gold looks. I can not wait to add these to my planner.

These gold pineapples were too cute to just leave on the shelf. You can’t tell in the pictures but I can promise you that they are gold foil pineapples.

The last thing isn’t super fun, yet it is necessary. It is a new set of scissors. I managed to lose my last pair and I have gone crazy without scissors so they came home with me. They are even my favorite color, so even better!


My store was having a sale since they are moving stores. Everything I bought was on sale so that was a total score. My planner needs are quenched for a while.

What is your favorite planning tool or accessory? Let me know in the comments.



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