Hobby Lobby Haul

So I headed back to Hobby Lobby, which I am sure doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you. This time I bought a bunch of items to go along with my Happy Planner. Yes, I am obsessed.

The first thing that I picked up was a pack of date stickers. I can use these to add to my planner. I can also use them when I scrapbook and I got them for half price.


I then picked up a pack of Mambi stickers that have a travel theme. I am going to Mexico in December so I thought these would be perfect. I can not wait  to create a travel scrapbook with these stickers. So cute!


I always see how happy people are when they memory plan. I don’t want to buy another planner for it so I decided to pick up some accessories for my current planner. I grabbed a pack of page protectors with 12 in it. I plan to insert these in my planner whenever I have a big occasion happen that I want to remember.

To go along with the page protectors I also picked up Pocket Pages Themed cards. It comes with 72 adorable decorative cards to go along with my pictures.

I have been eyeing these dividers for a while and I finally just couldn’t resist. I mean look at how adorable that gold looks. I can not wait to add these to my planner.

These gold pineapples were too cute to just leave on the shelf. You can’t tell in the pictures but I can promise you that they are gold foil pineapples.

The last thing isn’t super fun, yet it is necessary. It is a new set of scissors. I managed to lose my last pair and I have gone crazy without scissors so they came home with me. They are even my favorite color, so even better!


My store was having a sale since they are moving stores. Everything I bought was on sale so that was a total score. My planner needs are quenched for a while.

What is your favorite planning tool or accessory? Let me know in the comments.



Michael’s and Hobby Lobby Haul

It is honestly like a drug to me. Crafting is something that I just can’t stay away from. Recently I fed my addiction by making a stop into Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Both of them felt like home the minute I walked through the door.

My first stop was at Michael’s. I of course picked up some planner supplies because, well, how could I not. DSCN0890

I picked up a new stamp that is a simple to do list. It was a steal at only two dollars.DSCN0897

I always use my 40% off one full price item on new Mambi sticker books so I get them for $11.99. Always look at Michael’s coupons and advertisements before heading to the store. DSCN0903

I also picked up a tube of washi that was on sale. I spent less than five dollars on it.


My next stop was Hobby Lobby and my oh my did I find some deals.


I picked up another Mambi sticker pack, because as you can see, I just can’t resist them.dscn0917.jpg

I also found paper clips in the clearance which only came out to be 80 cents. I thought that was a huge steal since they were originally $3.99.dscn0911.jpg

I then picked up a new black stamp pad to go with my to do list stamp.dscn0923.jpg

A new necklace was needed so I picked up the pieces to make my own. I grabbed a chain, my birth stone and a couple other gems.

This is the final product and I absolutely adore the way that it turned out.


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New Happy Planner

DSCN0850I recently bought the 2017-2018 CLASSIC Happy Planner®  in Modern Marble.  I have just planned my first week in the new planner. I have chosen to do a theme each week.

This week’s theme is an orange and light blue scheme. It felt very summery to me and that is exactly what I am going for. The Happy Planner is all about being creative and staying organized. That is what I intend to do when using the planner.

I have jotted down the word “pic” in pencil but, it is hard to see. I am leaving space for a picture after the day happens so I can look back on it with what is called memory planning. Make a quick Pinterest search to see some ideas.DSCN0877.JPG

From Left to Right: Everyday Reminder Stickers Teacher Edition Sticker SheetsStudent Edition Sticker SheetsSchool/College Planner StickersLife Quotes Stickers , Washi Sticker Pack  and Organize It Removable Calendar Stickers

To go along with my new planner, I had to buy some stickers. Of course! Who doesn’t love stickers? These add beauty to my week. They also help me stay on track with what I need to get done because they draw my attention.

While shopping at Michael’s I also found this cute stamp set that will keep me right on track. I found it in their dollar bin.


I absolutely love using Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens in my planner. They are the perfect size and they come in any color that you can imagine. You can pick some up at pretty much any store that sells office supplies. I keep mine stored in a large mason jar.

Washi Tape is a very big trend with planners. I currently only have two rolls but I love them both.


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