Colorado Travels: Estes Park

Hey there! Sorry that I have been missing lately. College recently started for me, so life has been very crazy. A few weeks ago Hayley and I went to Estes Park and it was so fun I just had to share.

The drive up into Colorado mountain towns is always breath taking. We had the best conversations and the best giggles.

We were going to take a gondola up the side of the mountain, but the wait was way too long and there was much more to explore.

We went across the street to Fun City and put our driving skills to the test with a go-kart race. Hayley ended up winning the race. I was on the last lap when a child came up behind me and hit me with his go-kart. It killed my engine and the man working the go-karts had to come restart it for me. Let’s just say I wasn’t happy! I had an absolute blast though.


We then went into the town and got our shopping on. We walked up and down the main streets that has all of the stores. We went into the ones that looked interesting to us and found a few things.


After walking for a while, we were absolutely starving. We made a stop at Bob and Tony’s Pizza. There was a long line and a long wait for the food. When we received our food, it was worth the wait. It is one of those restaurants, where people have written or etched their names onto the walls and ceiling. It brings such a homey feel into a packed restaurant.0729171325


We continued exploring the shops after lunch. If you ever need a new ornament for your Christmas tree, head to Estes because they have the most amazing store filled with pretty much any ornament you can think of. My favorite stores were the ones with rocks and gems. My favorite crystal is amethyst. It is just so beautiful and it forms in so many amazing ways. My jaw was pretty much on the floor the entire way through the store.


It was time for a snack and we went with ice cream. It was delicious, but mine decided to start melting before I even finished paying for it. A million napkins later was still worth the amazing ice cream taste. IMG_0426

If anyone has ever met us, we can make a photo shoot happen any time and any where. That is exactly what we did with all of the amazing scenery around us.

Before we headed back to town, we took pictures by the water wheel. Listening to the sound of rushing water is just so calming. received_1851470358213069

What would taking pictures be without some pretty flower pictures. I mean really! I can not get over how beautiful nature is.

As we drove back down, we stopped along the river for some more pictures. The views still take my breath away even though I have lived in Colorado my entire life.



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Mexico Travel Diary: Luggage and Accessory Haul

So as I mentioned in my Hobby Lobby Haul, I will be jetting to Mexico in December. We are visiting Playa Del Carmen and I couldn’t be anymore excited. We will be spending five days there, but more of that to come.

The other day I made a stop into TJ Maxx to find a nice suit case for my trip. I went with a paisley pattern from the brand Anne Klein. It is the perfect size for my needs. Plenty of space for five days worth of clothes and a lot of souvenirs. There is one main area that is the majority of the space. Inside there is a small bag to store your essentials. There is also a small zipper on the side to keep more important items. The right side has another zipper for other items such as toiletries. It has 360 degree wheels which will be nice when walking through the  airport. I never knew a piece of luggage could make me so happy, but it does because it means that wonderful things are coming.

The next item that I picked is this travel bottle set. There are three bottles and one spray bottle. It also includes a small funnel and pump which I think is absolutely adorable. They are TSA approved which makes them even better!

These are pretty self explanatory, but I think that they are just so adorable. The luggage tags came in a pack of two for $4.99 which I thought was a great price. One is silver and the other is a gold color. I plan to use one on my suitcase and the other on my backpack.


I also picked this hydrating face mist up. I have seen this all over Pinterest for a very long time and I wanted to give it a try. I plan to take some to Mexico with me. I am going to pour some in the spray bottle from above. It is in a glass bottle so I can’t take it, plus it is just way too big to make the trip. It smells absolutely delightful!


I have been on the hunt for tea tree oil for a very long time. Most bottles ring up at a $20 price tag. I found this bottle for $5.99 and it had to come home with me. This isn’t necessarily for my trip but I just had to share. Tea tree oil is awesome for multiple uses.

I highly suggest swinging by your local TJ Maxx or shopping online if you are in need of new travel items at reasonable prices.

Are you travelling somewhere before the end of the year? Let me know where you are going in the comments!

Colorado Travels: Union Lake

Every 4th of July weekend, my family and I take a trip somewhere. This year we went to Union Lake in Longmont. We went two years before and enjoyed it so much we decided to go back. My neighbors came along with us as well as their parents. Our neighbors’ daughter and grandson made the trip as well. My boyfriend also joined us for the adventure.0701170655

Union is a nice and family friendly lake. They have paddle board rentals which is very nice. Our neighbors have two of their own so we just used theirs. The lake also has a sectioned off swim area. Furry friends also have a spot of their own with a nice dog beach. The only downfall is that there is no electricity, therefore noisy generators must be used.


My boyfriend and I arrived on Friday afternoon. The night was spent talking and laughing around the fire.


I was up by 6 o’clock the next morning. My boyfriend and I took a walk along the lake and watched the sun rise. There are always hot air balloons around Longmont, so we were able to watch those. Saturday was a warm day and a perfect time to paddle board. My neighbor’s daughter and I took out the paddle boards and paddled down by the swim beach and then back.

I finally convinced my boyfriend to hop on the paddle board with me. We just messed around and were having tons of fun. My grandparents also came out for the day. We had a nice lunch and everyone sat around talking. For dessert, we had angel food cake in a mason jar that my neighbor made for us.

When my grandparents left, a few of us headed down to the swim beach with floaties in hand. The water was pretty warm and floating around was so relaxing. There were many people but there was still plenty of room for everyone to do their own thing. The night was another spent around the fire talking.


When I walked out of the camper on Sunday morning, there was a hot air balloon right outside the door. We sat and watched it for a while until it was too far behind the trees to see. My parents, boyfriend and I enjoyed a small breakfast. Then, my boyfriend and I headed home because his brother was getting married. How exciting!


Comment below where you have traveled to already this summer.

Colorado Travels: Greeley Stampede

Carnival food is always so expensive and not always worth it. Therefore, Hayley and I decided to start out our night at Panda Express. Best friend talks are always the best especially with some Chinese food to go along with it. Mmm it doesn’t get much better than orange chicken.

We arrived to the Stampede around seven. Parking prices are through the roof but the entry fee was only $5. We started the night by walking around to see what we wanted to do. They brought in some new rides this year but they also did  away with many of them. We walked around the whole place to discover there was no monkey this year. Repeat: NO MONKEY! What the heck is up with that?


We went and bought ride tickets for a dollar a ticket. The Cliff Hanger was the first ride of the night. Flying high over the carnival is always a thrilling experience. It went higher up then I remember! Our stomachs are a bit weaker then they used to be when we were 15.

Of course, we had to take some fun Boomerangs! The Cliff Hanger and the Super Shot were fun Boomerangs to take.

Hayley always has to get a jumbo corn dog when we go. (I don’t like corn dogs) People probably looked at us like we were crazy when we took these pictures, but who cares as long as you are having fun.


We are always the oldest people on most rides. This year we got told we could only sit on certain animals on the Carousel. I mean horses are cool but I wanted to sit on the giraffe. Even worse than that, Hayley and I were separated on the ride. I could not understand the ride operator to save my life. Coffee?

Then we chowed down on some ribbon fries and said hello to some people we know. Why are ribbon fries only carnival food? We strolled through the shops and a man stopped us and shoved a hot pack in my hand. Hello its summer and I don’t need to be any warmer than I am.

Waiting to get on the Ferris Wheel until it is completely dark is always the best. The line moved much quicker than we anticipated. While we waited, we of course had to get our basic selfies. The first time you start moving is a wave of excitement and just a slight amount of fear. As soon as I could see the entire carnival, I was in awe like I am every time I make it to the top. The view from above is always the best. Even if that means being many feet off the ground.

We then made our way through a free fun house and I almost lost my pursue while going down the slide. Two tickets left and we had no clue what to do. So we hopped on a slime version of the teacups even though the ride operator looked as like we were mental.

Five dollars for a small, guaranteed stuffed animal is expensive but it is more about the memories. She got a doughnut and I picked a rainbow colored penguin.


Just because there were downs, doesn’t mean I didn’t have a blast with my best friend. This has been our tradition for the past four years and nothing can stop us.

Comment below what your summer tradition is?