Colorado Travels: Estes Park

Hey there! Sorry that I have been missing lately. College recently started for me, so life has been very crazy. A few weeks ago Hayley and I went to Estes Park and it was so fun I just had to share.

The drive up into Colorado mountain towns is always breath taking. We had the best conversations and the best giggles.

We were going to take a gondola up the side of the mountain, but the wait was way too long and there was much more to explore.

We went across the street to Fun City and put our driving skills to the test with a go-kart race. Hayley ended up winning the race. I was on the last lap when a child came up behind me and hit me with his go-kart. It killed my engine and the man working the go-karts had to come restart it for me. Let’s just say I wasn’t happy! I had an absolute blast though.


We then went into the town and got our shopping on. We walked up and down the main streets that has all of the stores. We went into the ones that looked interesting to us and found a few things.


After walking for a while, we were absolutely starving. We made a stop at Bob and Tony’s Pizza. There was a long line and a long wait for the food. When we received our food, it was worth the wait. It is one of those restaurants, where people have written or etched their names onto the walls and ceiling. It brings such a homey feel into a packed restaurant.0729171325


We continued exploring the shops after lunch. If you ever need a new ornament for your Christmas tree, head to Estes because they have the most amazing store filled with pretty much any ornament you can think of. My favorite stores were the ones with rocks and gems. My favorite crystal is amethyst. It is just so beautiful and it forms in so many amazing ways. My jaw was pretty much on the floor the entire way through the store.


It was time for a snack and we went with ice cream. It was delicious, but mine decided to start melting before I even finished paying for it. A million napkins later was still worth the amazing ice cream taste. IMG_0426

If anyone has ever met us, we can make a photo shoot happen any time and any where. That is exactly what we did with all of the amazing scenery around us.

Before we headed back to town, we took pictures by the water wheel. Listening to the sound of rushing water is just so calming. received_1851470358213069

What would taking pictures be without some pretty flower pictures. I mean really! I can not get over how beautiful nature is.

As we drove back down, we stopped along the river for some more pictures. The views still take my breath away even though I have lived in Colorado my entire life.



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Hobby Lobby Haul

So I headed back to Hobby Lobby, which I am sure doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you. This time I bought a bunch of items to go along with my Happy Planner. Yes, I am obsessed.

The first thing that I picked up was a pack of date stickers. I can use these to add to my planner. I can also use them when I scrapbook and I got them for half price.


I then picked up a pack of Mambi stickers that have a travel theme. I am going to Mexico in December so I thought these would be perfect. I can not wait  to create a travel scrapbook with these stickers. So cute!


I always see how happy people are when they memory plan. I don’t want to buy another planner for it so I decided to pick up some accessories for my current planner. I grabbed a pack of page protectors with 12 in it. I plan to insert these in my planner whenever I have a big occasion happen that I want to remember.

To go along with the page protectors I also picked up Pocket Pages Themed cards. It comes with 72 adorable decorative cards to go along with my pictures.

I have been eyeing these dividers for a while and I finally just couldn’t resist. I mean look at how adorable that gold looks. I can not wait to add these to my planner.

These gold pineapples were too cute to just leave on the shelf. You can’t tell in the pictures but I can promise you that they are gold foil pineapples.

The last thing isn’t super fun, yet it is necessary. It is a new set of scissors. I managed to lose my last pair and I have gone crazy without scissors so they came home with me. They are even my favorite color, so even better!


My store was having a sale since they are moving stores. Everything I bought was on sale so that was a total score. My planner needs are quenched for a while.

What is your favorite planning tool or accessory? Let me know in the comments.