Michael’s and Hobby Lobby Haul

It is honestly like a drug to me. Crafting is something that I just can’t stay away from. Recently I fed my addiction by making a stop into Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Both of them felt like home the minute I walked through the door.

My first stop was at Michael’s. I of course picked up some planner supplies because, well, how could I not. DSCN0890

I picked up a new stamp that is a simple to do list. It was a steal at only two dollars.DSCN0897

I always use my 40% off one full price item on new Mambi sticker books so I get them for $11.99. Always look at Michael’s coupons and advertisements before heading to the store. DSCN0903

I also picked up a tube of washi that was on sale. I spent less than five dollars on it.


My next stop was Hobby Lobby and my oh my did I find some deals.


I picked up another Mambi sticker pack, because as you can see, I just can’t resist them.dscn0917.jpg

I also found paper clips in the clearance which only came out to be 80 cents. I thought that was a huge steal since they were originally $3.99.dscn0911.jpg

I then picked up a new black stamp pad to go with my to do list stamp.dscn0923.jpg

A new necklace was needed so I picked up the pieces to make my own. I grabbed a chain, my birth stone and a couple other gems.

This is the final product and I absolutely adore the way that it turned out.


Comment down below what you get when you go into these stores. Check out my Pinterest and Instagram for more ideas!